Acrylic Team

Current Members

Chloë is a relentless grower and obsessive creator. She’s also an artist, mechanical engineering student and lifelong entrepreneur. Guided by her creative intuition and sharp analytical skills, Chloë has a keen eye for growth opportunities and knows how to make them happen. At Acrylic, she is on a mission to leverage the accelerator effect of blending two seemingly unrelated disciplines: fine art and high tech. Chloë derives deep satisfaction from taking bold ideas from concept to reality, and she leads with passion, vision, grit and imagination. She’s looking forward to exploring the interface between Acrylic’s hardware, software and painting systems. 

Celeste is a third year mechanical engineering student at McGill University excited to apply her robotics background in surprising new spaces such as the fine art world. She discovered engineering when she developed the strategy and brand of an organization of competitive robotics teams in high school. Celeste simultaneously engaged in creative endeavours such as working part-time in an art studio, performing in three musical theatre productions, and singing in school choirs. She is passionate about exploring how tech can modernize an artist’s workflow while building the infrastructure to make the art-buying experience more personalized and seamless for everyday consumers. Celeste can’t wait to spec-out and scale up some awesome projects to work towards Acrylic’s mission of making art more accessible to all.

Kyle Suri is a second-year finance and economics student at U of T's Rotman Commerce. As Acrylic's business development manager, Kyle works to create long term value for the company through customer and supplier relationships, growth planning, and financial modeling. This ranges from conducting market research to investigating growth opportunities to budgeting and managing Acrylic's finances. Coming from a finance background, Kyle is able to apply an analytical focus to the company and maximize margins and profitability. He is excited about the company's future outlook and is thrilled to help Acrylic innovate in both the technology and art space. In his spare time, Kyle likes to watch sports, go to concerts, play poker, and explore Toronto!

previous members

Alice is a recent graduate from McGill University’s School of Architecture, looking to merge the fields of design, business and tech! She joined the Acrylic team in August as the Marketing and Brand Coordinator. She has been working on delivering a complete market analysis alongside other team members to understand where Acrylic fits within the industry and exactly who it caters to. She is also developing a new brand package based on current trends to develop Acrylic’s unique identity. Her goal is to visually communicate Acrylic’s vision. Alice is working towards a career in product management and Acrylic is a great way to start getting real hands-on experience in a variety of roles within a collaborative team. In her free time, she can be found skiing or scrolling through Pinterest.


Ben was Acrylic’s first Roboticist. 15 years ago, he fell in love with Battlebots and has been passionate about robots ever since. He’s now a mechanical engineering student at McGill and the mechanical team leader of the McGill Mars Rover design team. With nearly 9 years of experience in robotic design and manufacturing, Ben is eager to leverage his knowledge base to design cool new things and explore how robotics can be used to enhance human creativity and ability.